Tint FAQs

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I bought a new vehicle and I think it already has tint.

Privacy glass (sometimes called ‘factory tint’) is a special type of glass that has been darkened at the factory by an automotive company. Instead of using a window film, the glass itself is dyed with pigment. Privacy glass is normally applied on a car’s back windows, but does not provide the same protection that window tint does.

What is the difference between privacy glass and window tint?

Car window tinting is the process of applying window film to the inner side of the glass. This film will help reduce the amount of heat, UV rays and reduce the glare from direct sunlight. Privacy glass is glass that has been slightly darkened but does not provide heat protection like window tinting does.

Why do I see bubbled or purple tint on cars?

The tint is either very old or of poor quality. When this is accompanied by bubbles then the film used was a cheap brand. The bubbles are a result of a failure in the adhesive system causing the tint to literally lift from the glass. If our tint ever bubbles, we will replace it at no additional cost to you.

How long does it take to window tint installed on my car?

The process generally takes 1&1/2 – 3 hours depending on the difficulty of the car, cleanliness, and the number of windows. Window tinting is not a race, we take our time to offer quality installations. Our installers have a combined 20+ years of experience and offers the same quality of work to each customer.

Do window films provide extra protection if a window is broken?

Film applied to a window will help prevent the glass from shattering in the event of a broken window. This will limit injury and damage to people and property.

Will the tint damage my rear defroster?

No, it will not. We tint right over it and defrosters can be used without affecting the tint.

How do I clean my tinted windows?

Warm water and a soft cloth, never use a window cleaner unless it is specifically formulated for use on aftermarket tinted windows.

Why do I see little bubbles or patchiness soon after installation?

This is very normal. We use a lot of water to activate the adhesive and to allow us to move the film around and position it for a perfect installation. Although we squeegee out as much of the water as possible, some small amount remains between the glass and the film. As this water evaporates through the film you may see some little bubbles or foggy patches. These should go away within a few days or up to two weeks(during the colder months of the year.) Never poke, prod, or pop these bubbles, they will go away on their own.

Can window film ever be removed?

Yes, window film can be removed at any time after the installation. As tint professionals we know all the tips and tricks on proper tint removal. Please call us if you require a removal. It is a very tough and messy job.

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